Low-intensity shock waves are a NON-INVASIVE therapeutic method that helps revascularization, regeneration and repair of biological tissues through the stimulation of the cells forming part of them. These beneficial actions, that do not cause adverse effects, and in the hands of skilled professionals, enable the application in multiple pathologies and chronic processes in different areas of the body which, up to now, only had a difficult solution or not solution at all. For those reasons, at Shockwave Argentina, we propose, through assistance, teaching and investigation, actions to include all the therapeutic possibilities of this novel non-invasive tecnology in an integrated manner, to provide new responses and improvements into health and life quality, with our permanent commitment of acting with professional ethics, medical excellence, respect, consideration and human warmth


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Androgenic alopecia: Non-invasive treatment with planar shock waves and focus control devices promotes the generation of new hair follicles by stimulating the mesenchymal stem cells of the capillary dermis. The mechanisms of action are based on promoting the stress of the extracelular enviroment, introducing epigenetic changes in the nuclei of the stem cells, activating the Wnt/β- catenin signaling pathway and favoring the allosteric competition of Hsp90 vs. DHT in the androgenic receptors, stimulating the genetic transcription and the adequate folding of the proteins responsible for generating new hair units.

Cellulitis: The combined treatment with planar and radial shock waves solves the cellulitis preserving the integrity of the adipocytes, essential for their function of triclyceride natural deposit. The action mechanisms are based on the revascularization of the subcutaneous fatty tissue through the VEGF (vascular endotelial growth factor), the recovery of the fibrous walls elasticity by means of transdifferentiation from the TGFß1 (ß1 transforming growth factor) and the facilitation of the lipid replacement due to an increase of the permeability of the cytoplasmic membranes.

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Peyronie´s disease:The treatment with focal shock waves allows to repair the pathological chordee in a non-invasive manner using the transdifferentiation of the fibrous tissue layers to myofibroblasts (with high contracting capacity) by means of the TGF-β 1(beta 1 transforming growth factor), obtaining pain relief and recovery of the penis functional capacity. Concomitantly, the treatment produces the revascularization of the corpus cavernosum penis from the release of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor), with the benefit on the erectile dysfunction.

El tratamiento produce concomitantemente la revascularización de los cuerpos cavernosos a partir de la liberación de VEGF (factor de crecimiento vascular endotelial), beneficiando la función eréctil.

Erectile dysfunction:The treatment using focal shock waves enables the revascularization of the corpus cavernosum penis and the permanent recovery of the erectile dysfunction from the release of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor). The treatment is suitable even for diabetic or patients receiving nitrites.

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Uterine fibroids: The non-invasive treatment using focused shock waves allows the reduction of menstrual bleeding (hypermenorrhoea) and the recovery of the consequent anemia by increasing the elasticity of the fibroid tissue and improving the myometrial trophism in case of intrauterine fibroids. The mechanisms are based on the transdifferentiation of fibroblasts to myofibroblasts from TGFß1 (beta 1 transforming growth factor), in the revascularization of the treated nuclei by means of the VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) and in the tissue remodelling mediated by stem cell migration and differentiation. Dysmenorrhoea (menstrual pain) can be reduced by means of the increase in the venous return and the fertility conditions are preserved (even improved) due to the recuperation from the endometrial atrophy (by revascularization).

Breast protheses encapsulation: The non-invasive treatment using planar and radial shock waves restores the elasticity of the fibrous tissue in chronic cases from transdifferentiations and tissue revascularization mechanisms.

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Chronic tendonitis: The non-invasive treatment with radial and focal shock waves encourages analgesia, revascularization and tendon self-repair in chronic inflammatory processes by means of the mechanotransduction, which is based on the release into the extracellular media of: VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor, with angiogenic action), TGF-β 1(beta 1 transforming growth factor, with cell proliferative action), IGF-I (insulinic growth factor, producing collagen), nitric oxide (vasodilator), PCNA (nuclear antigen of cell proliferation, angiogenic and DNA synthesizer), eNOS (synthase of the endothelial nitric oxide, with angiogenic action), BMP (bone morphogenic protein, with osteochondrogenic action), P Substance (neuromodulator and vasodilator) and endorfins (endogen peptides with analgesic action).

Meniscus Tear: The non invasive E.S.W.T. promotes, through mechanotransduction, the revascularization of damaged meniscus, allowing self healing and scarring.



Shockwave Argentina has a Storz Medical equipment with low intensity electromagnetic shock waves generator, model Duolith SD1 Ultra, with focal, planar and radial applicators.
Moreover, we have a Supersonic Imagine elastographer, model Aixplorer, with Angio-Plus color doppler, TriVu mode, 2D convex, linear and endocavitary transducers which can also monitor the treatments, perform diagnosis of benignity or tumor malignancy in a non-invasive way and not dependent operator.